The Time for Action is now

More Talk

More Committees

More Complaining,

Is Not Helpful.

We do Not Have Time,

For More Years of Study.

We Need Action.

We Need Acton Now.


A Sustainable Solution:

Connect into the existing Saint Paul Regional Water Services system.  They  have significant experience and excess capacity in their system, which pulls water from the Mississippi.  A 16″ pipe could be run four miles along Hwy 96, interconnecting their system to White Bear Lake.  They have sufficient water to begin augmenting the Lake.  Other lakes are currently receiving augmentation form them.  They filter the water before putting it into these lakes.

Putting fresh water into White Bear Lake, from a renewable resource (the river), helps recharge the aquifer under the lake.  The aquifer, and the lake, are both regional assets.

Some have talked about  diverting the water that is being dumped into Goose Lake, and flowing into the Rice Creek watershed, into White Bear Lake.  Yes, this is a relatively small amount and it is not itself a solution.  But it is a start. It is close, and it could easily be done.   If this were  done, in addition to interconnection to the Saint Paul Regional Water System.  This volume water would flow directly into WBL, rather then making the trip down Rice Creak water shed and back through the interconnect.  I would save some pumping.


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