White Bear Lake has lost 25% of its’ water!

The lake needs water. Each foot the lake is down, represents approximately  870,000,000 gallons of water.

The lake, and the aquifer under it, are Regional Assets. We need your help to protect and restore these Regional Asset. Augmenting the lake with filtered river water would be a major step forward in the long term restoration of the lake and the underlying aquifer it is draining into.

You can help by:

1)  Joining this Association and Volunteering to help.

2)  Practicing water conversation.

3)  Donating to this Association, and to the White Bear Lake Restorations Association.

4)  Contacting your Representative.  You should:

a) Thank them for their support last session of funding to identify and price solutions.

b) Urge them to support funding for a solution in the next session.

c) Remind them of the urgency of the situation.  White Bear Lake is at a “tipping point.”  We must act now!